SecureTel has strategic business tie up with some of world leaders in Data communications, Mobile Access, Broadband Access products, Wide Area Networking, Wireless Connectivity, Networking, Telecom, and Firewall & VOIP.
We have 45-network engineers in our support team at various locations to carry on the legacy of SecureTel renowned pre-and after sales support and ensure network uptime at its optimum level at all time.

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Its Products give people access to the information through Intelligent, Secure & reliable networks. Log on to http://www.cisco.com

MAIPU is a leading access equipment supplier with expertise both in CO and CPE equipments full line of access products include Routing, switching, VOIP, modules, ,cables. Specialised in edge & core routers & switches & well known for value for money. Visit: www.maipu.com

RUCKUS Represents a full line of wireless devices ranging from 802.a/b/g/N standards some are primarily designed for use as stand-alone customer premises equipment as well for huge campus solutions, Ruckus offers IPTV over Wireless, Wireless PTP, and PTMP & Wireless controller helps in detecting rogue A.P in the network & make network more secure. It meet’s the need of Service providers and Enterprise managers. Visit: www.ruckuswireless.com

Wavion is a leading Company in wireless dealing in advanced communication products. It provides a variety of Wireless solutions to telco’s and campus on PTMP solutions, products including, Base station, CPE ect. Visit: www.wavionnetworks.com

Alvarion wireless communications solutions are driven by our long-standing commitment to Broadband Wireless Access technologies and our belief in the ability of pervasive wireless connectivity to transform the way people live and conduct business. Since our inception, we have been leading the market with innovation rooted in on our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers for reliability, versatility and sustainability visit:www.alvarion.com

UBIQUITY A pioneer in the residential broadband and wireless networking markets and provides a full range of easy to install Wireless LAN and broadband solutions that satisfy the requirements of both corporate horizontal and industrial vertical applications. UBNT’s Wireless WAN products have provided secure encryption wireless networking and Internet access systems for small offices, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), larger enterprises, service providers, and indoor/outdoor environments to build "High Efficiency WLAN Environments" all over the world. Visit: www.ubnt.com

EnGenius high-performance business-class wireless networking products are great solutions to your long range wireless needs. Our Routers, Access Points, Client Bridges and Adapters are designed with high-power transmitters and extremely sensitive receivers to maximize coverage in large areas, offices, warehouses, and multi-story buildings. High power output up to 600mW and increased radio sensitivity allow you to cover a larger area with lower cost and less equipment. Find what you need to setup line-of-sight, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network visit:www.engeniustech.com

ZYXEL products utilize the most advanced iterations of IP technology, complemented by superior product quality, enabling it to become a key player in the global broadband access equipment market. In addition to maintaining an array of proprietary technologies that have won it acclaim from all quarters, ZyXEL is one of the world's few vendors able to integrate WAN, LAN, DSL, firewall, wireless LAN networking, and routing technologies in its product offerings. Visit: www.zyxel.com

Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., is the recognized global leader in VoIP, Wireless and Ethernet networking for home, SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and small business users. Based in Irvine, California, Linksys specializes in products and solutions that provide effortless and economical sharing of broadband Internet connections, files, printers, digital music, videos, photos and gaming over a wired or wireless network. These reliable, easy-to-use, world-class products are backed with award-winning technical support, setting the standard for excellence in the consumer and small business. Visit: www.linksys.com

 TP Link has expertise in Wireless networking solution. TP-Link  products provides Mobile wireless 802.a/b/g/N Access products, Switching, Wireless Print server, ADSL modems & dual wan solutions.  Visit: www.tp-link.com

Mobotix The german company Mobitix known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized concept had made high-resolution video systems cost efficient. Mobotix had producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolutions video systems Visit : www.mobotix.com

THECUS are complete the Stroage solutions, securetel provide comple range stroge solutions and authorised partner for thecus. We offer wide range of products on stogare deivice, NAS/SAN/NVR Multimedia. Visit: www.thecus.com

Polycom is the only company today delivering end-to-end, rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the Web from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems to the network core. We are the industry leader in unified collaboration solutions. Our vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience as natural as being there. Visit : www.polycom.com

Zylink are pioneers in NT1, Antenna (2.4,5.8 Ghzs), Gigabit POE Kit, and networking Racks, Outdoor radio, compatialbe SFP, Interface Converters, Media convertor, DSLAM, XDSL, Lan Extenders, Leased line Modems, CDMA/GSM/GPRS modem, Business Card Readers, IP Surveillance Camera,. Visit: www.Zylink.in

Audiocodes the high qaulity vocie over ip calls to smart phones using wifi and cellular data. This enhances standard moibile networkrs and enables cost effective mobile roming services and mobility services for wireline service providers. Visit : www.audiocodes.com

has achieved great success and launches a large quantity of advanced Digital Transmission and Access Products. Pioneers in SDH/E1 Digital/PDH MUX, Interface Converters, Fiber Modems, Speed Spectrum Radio’s, VOIP, DSLAM, XDSL, Lan Extenders, Leased line Modems, CDMA/GSM/GPRS/ 3G Modems, Routers,MUX,,IP Surveillance Camera, Audio Conferencing Phones.. Visit :www.netaxcess.in


Plustek Inc one of the world's leading image solution providers, Plustek Inc manufactures and delivers high-quality document, mobile, books scanners, business card reader and slim scanners. creating an innovative array of products including: scanners, and imaging-related devices. visit : www.plustek.com


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